NASA Chief Says He's Directed Researchers to Look Into UFO Sightings

June is an undeniably massive month for the nationwide UFO research community, and even NASA is acknowledging the potential of this major moment.


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Unsurprisingly, the current defining moment for the UFO research community has garnered the attention of NASA.

Tucked into a recent report from Rachel Crane for CNN is word from current NASA administrator Bill Nelson that he’s directed researchers to “move forward” with looking into “any lines of questioning” about the issue of UFOs (also referred to UAPs, i.e. unidentified aerial phenomena).

And while Nelson has not formally launched a UFO/UAP task force or similarly official group, he made it clear the decades-strong agency was taking seriously the truly unknown aspects of this latest chapter in the history of the unidentifiable and truly baffling crafts with which we are sharing the skies.

Complex has reached out to a rep for NASA for additional comment.

Nelson also told Crane that—like other experts—he can’t offer an explanation for the more recent sightings involving Navy pilots. While Nelson doesn’t personally believe that extraterrestrial beings are involved with the sightings, he cautioned against completely ruling out the possibility.

As you’ll recall, last week saw the release of several reports citing anonymous sources close to such matters about what the public can expect with regards to an impending UAP report. The current consensus, at least in terms of anticipatory news coverage, is that the report will neither definitively confirm nor outright deny extraterrestrial possibilities. Still, the report’s mere existence is cause for celebration for many in the UAP research community, as it will stand as the culmination for a mainstream moment that began several years back with the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science(TTSA)-backed release of UAP footage from Navy pilots.

In May, Politico reported that Luis “Lue” Elizondo—the former director of a previous Pentagon program focused on UAPs—had alleged he was the target of a spear campaign after going public with his concerns on the issue. Later reached by Complex for additional comment, Elizondo—who more recently worked with Tom DeLonge at TTSA—said it’s time for the American people to start getting the answers they’ve already paid for:

“Covering up the truth with coordinated disinformation is un-American. The brave women and men, with whom I’ve proudly served, do not put their lives on the line for a few skittish bureaucrats; they dedicate their lives to the Constitution, the American people, and the truth. I’m encouraged by the support I’ve received from inside and outside the Pentagon. The few remaining individuals fighting against transparency are not representative of the America I know. Our tax dollars have paid for answers. It’s about time the American people start to receive them.”

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