44-Year-Old Man With a Bionic Penis Loses Virginity

Science once again helps a virginity-burdened individual seek relief. Thanks, science.

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A 44-year-old man with a state-of-the-art bionic penis is thanking the limitless wonders of science after finally losing his virginity. Mohammed "Mo" Abad lost his original penis in a harrowing automobile accident when he was just six years old, the Mirrorreports. Though Mo first received his 8-inch bionic member back in 2012, he didn't get to take it out for a test drive until he met a sex worker named Charlotte Rose.

"It was great," Mo, an Edinburgh area security guard, told the Mirror. "I’ve been waiting for this day since I was 18. But now a big burden is off my back and I’m so happy." Mo actually got married in 2012, though he reportedly waited until the big night to inform his then-partner of his bionic shaft. While his wife initially supported her husband’s unique circumstances, their marriage eventually dissolved.

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With the penis recently achieving fully-functioning status, Mo was pleased to be contacted by Charlotte Rose after she learned of his quest to experience sexual intercourse while assisted with a feat of scientific engineering. According to Mo, he just wanted someone who "was willing to accept me the way I was." Rose, who usually charges for such a service but generously gifted it to Mo, provided exactly that. "It was a real honor," Rose told the Mirror.

Though the bionic phallus experienced a small malfunction during the pair's first attempt at aligning their respective stars, the second attempt reportedly resulted in a decent hour-plus of pleasure. The bionic manhood, built from skin taken from Mo's arm, consists of two tubes which harness the power of inflation to provide the former virgin with a full-blown erection. "I'm a learner," Mo said. "I’ve got L plates. I didn’t want to go in all guns blazing and make an idiot of myself."

Enjoy that bionic eggplant, Mo. Science insists.

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