Man Accused in Deadly Road Rage Incident Was Previously Exonerated in Fatal Stabbing Case

The fatal road rage incident took place last week, police said, after a "minor crash" involving a Toyota and a Lexus. The man is now charged with murder.

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A Texas man who made national headlines in 2021 after being exonerated in connection with a fatal 2010 stabbing is now accused in a deadly road rage incident.

As regional Houston outlet KTRK reported, 46-year-old Lydell Grant is alleged to have fatally shot 33-year-old Edwin Arevalo last Thursday. Per the report, Grant and a woman were leaving a store near the 13000 Hiram Clarke Road area late that evening when Grant “ran a stop sign,” at which point the driver of a Toyota hit his vehicle. After the collision, Grant is accused of having exited his vehicle and fired into the Toyota, ultimately fleeing the scene.

In a press release, the Houston Police Department added additional alleged details. Arevalo, they said, was the driver of the Toyota in question. Grant, meanwhile, was allegedly the driver of the Lexus hit by the Toyota “in a minor crash.” Grant was arrested the following day, April 7, and has since been charged with murder. Bond was set at $1 million.

In 2012, Grant was convicted of first-degree murder and initially sentenced to life behind bars in the stabbing death of 28-year-old Aaron Scheerhoorn. However, a fresh look at DNA found on Scheerhoorn’s fingernails ultimately led to Grant being proven innocent in the case. Another man, Jermarico Carter, later confessed to the fatal stabbing. Grant’s conviction was vacated in 2021.

“I don’t ask for nobody to feel sorry for me because I am strong,” Grant told reporters in May of that year, adding that he was “thankful” to be able to move forward.

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