Jupiter Closest It’s Been to Earth in Nearly 60 Years

On Sept. 26, everyone still stuck on this planet will have the unique opportunity of getting a potentially mesmerizing look at the gas giant.

The planet Jupiter is pictured

Image via Getty/Claudio Caridi/NASA

The planet Jupiter is pictured

Jupiter is closer than it’s been in decades.

Earlier this month, NASA informed the planet that “excellent views of Jupiter” should be expected for the evening of Sept. 26. Per the space-focused agency, this is due to what’s known as opposition, i.e. the moment at which Earth is directly between the Sun and another planet.

“At its closest approach, Jupiter will be approximately 367 million miles in distance from Earth, about the same distance it was in 1963,” a NASA rep said at the time.

Buzz Aldrin, former Apollo 11 astronaut, said Monday everyone still stuck on Earth may notice Jupiter looking “unusually bright and large in the sky,” all while making its closest approach in 59 years.

Starting Monday evening, experts advise, us mere earthlings will potentially be able to get a proper glimpse at the gas giant. All you’ll need, at least according to NASA, is a “good” pair of binoculars.

Of course, this Jupiter-centered development is merely the latest example of space’s repeatedly proven awesomeness.

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