Ghost-Hunting Grandma Claims She Was Strangled by Evil Spirit at Abandoned Rope Factory

This ghost-hunting grandma says an evil spirit strangled her at an abandoned rope factory. Her plan? Go back and have a chat with the spirit.

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A ghost-hunting grandma says she was strangled by a mysterious spirit and left with rope burns around her neck. Carol Fieldhouse was doing some routine "spooky sightings" investigations at an abandoned building in Yorkshire, England when the marks suddenly appeared on her neck and throat. According to ghost-friendly publication the Mirror, Fieldhouse had previously detected an allegedly "evil" presence in the building and plans to return for additional investigating.

Gran claims 'evil spirit' caused burns around her neck on ghost hunt in former rope factory

— The Mirror (@DailyMirror) September 9, 2016

"When we pulled up and looked at the building I thought it was going to be boring," Fieldhouse, who is said to be "in her fifties" with 24 grandchildren, told the Mirror of the incident that suposedly occurred last weekend. The building, however, turned out to be very not boring indeed. "When I got into one of the rooms, straight away we were being pinched, punched, and grabbed," Fieldhouse said. "I went two steps in and felt a presence in there. If it could speak, it would have said, 'Get out.'"

Fieldhouse said she then blacked out, only to notice later that her neck was burning and that she had sustained what appeared to be rope marks on the left side of her neck. "It went all the way 'round in a complete circle and felt like a rope round my neck," Fieldhouse said. "I couldn't sleep for a good few hours when I got home."

'Ghost attacked me and left with me rope burn at Hull factory'

— Hull Live (@hulllive) September 7, 2016

But this 20-year veteran of the paranormal game isn't about to let this harrowing experience put a stop to her pursuit. "Nothing puts me off," Fieldhouse said. "I need answers, and want to know what it was and why it did that." The building in question is estimated to be more than 200 years old, having previously served as a rope manufacturing plant for local Hull's fishermen.

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