Guy Offers Free Hugs at Donald Trump Rally, Gets Animosity in Return

This guy offers a message of hope and unity. Guess whose supporters aren't very into that concept?

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Given the notoriously violent nature of Donald Trump rallies, visiting the heart of the beast to encourage peace and unity seems like a pretty daunting task. Thankfully, Ken Nwadike and the Free Hugs Project were up for it and took their message of positivity to a Trump rally in Wisconsin to hopefully counter the animosity with love. The results, though sadly predictable, were pretty disheartening:

"There is hate but there's bigger problems," one Trump supporter told Nwadike when approached for a free hug. Another supporter, though seemingly down to set aside political differences for a brief moment of compassion, botched the whole gesture by delivering this monstrosity:

Despite one Trump supporter's insistence that there is "no love in this world," Nwadike also took the Free Hugs Project message to a Bernie Sanders rally and garnered a drastically different response:

The troubling violence that seems to be a staple at Trump rallies recently made headlines again, though (for once) not due to something like a Trump supporter sucker-punching a protester before threatening additional violence. Last month, Donald Trump's campaign manager was reportedly arrested and charged with simple battery. The charge stems from Corey Lewandowski forcefully grabbing Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a Trump event earlier that month, with authorities confirming that Fields sustained a "grabbing-type injury."

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