Footage Shows Loose Truck Tire Causing Another Vehicle to Flip on California Freeway

No serious were reported in the crash, which was captured in dash cam footage by a nearby Tesla driver. It's not known why the tire detached from the truck.

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A dash cam captured the moment a loose tire from a truck spun off the vehicle and caused another car to flip on a California freeway. Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported in connection with the incident, which has made national headlines in recent days.

The footage was captured by Tesla driver Anoop Khatra last Thursday, according to a report from KTLA. It shows a large truck on the 118 Freeway in the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles moving along normally as a black Kia starts to pass it in another lane. At that point, a loose tire flies off the truck and strikes the Kia, causing it to violently fly into the air, flipping once before it lands back on the highway.

View this video on YouTube

There were reportedly no serious injuries to either party in the crash caught on video. Additional information, however, remained relatively scarce at the time of this writing.

When reached for comment by Complex on Monday, a rep for the Los Angeles Police Department said that the investigation into this incident had been handled by California Highway Patrol. According to that agency, their investigation determined that a silver 2011 Chevy Silverado was traveling on the freeway when the front left tire detached from the vehicle “and traveled directly into the path of the Kia,” albeit for “unknown reasons.” After the tire detached and struck the Kia, causing the flip, the driver of the Silverado pulled to the shoulder of the highway and waited for California Highway Patrol to arrive at the scene.

As for the driver of the Kia, a collision report shared with Complex on Monday confirmed that she was “able to exit her vehicle” on her own, at which point she declined hospital transportation.

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