Elon Musk Doesn't Think Apple Blows Minds Anymore

Elon Musk, still wisely an iPhone user, also predicts that Ford may fall during the next recession.

elon musk

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elon musk

The recent output from Apple, in the eyes of Teslaquila crafter Elon Musk, doesn't pack the same mind-blowing punch for which the tech giant was once known.

That's the takeaway from comments Musk gave during an extended Q&A with Recode this week.

"There's not many products you can buy that really make you happier," Musk said. "And so Apple did that for a long time, I still think, obviously, that Apple makes great phones." After a brief exchange about AirPods, Musk continued: "No, I still use an iPhone and everything. But Apple used to really bring out products that would blow people's minds, you know? "

Musk added that while Apple "still makes great products," there's less of that to speak of than during earlier Apple eras. "I don't think people are necessarily running to the store for the iPhone 11," he said, likely a reference to the just-released iPhone XS. "But I think with Tesla, we really want to make products that people just love, that are heart-stopping." Previously, Musk likened Apple to a "Tesla graveyard."

The wide-ranging conversation also saw Musk addressing his recent bout of headlines-making tweets, why he feels he owes "some" journalists an apology, and his predictions regarding the next recession. "Ford and Tesla made it barely through the last recession," Musk said. "There's a good chance Ford doesn't make it in the next recession. So, as a startup, a car company, it is far more difficult to be successful than if you're an established, entrenched brand. It is absurd that Tesla is alive. Absurd! Absurd."

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