Dylann Roof Attempts to Avoid Death Penalty, Asks Judge for More Time to Request New Trial

Dylann Roof, sentenced to death Tuesday for the Charleston Church Massacre, wants a new trial.

Dylann Roof, alleged to have killed 9 people at a church in Charleston

Image via Charleston Police Department

Dylann Roof, alleged to have killed 9 people at a church in Charleston

Dylann Roof has asked a judge for more time to request a new trial in the Charleston Church Massacre, WIS News' Chad K. Mills reported Wednesday. The defendant’s motion, shown below, cites previous federal death penalty trials as precedents for the request:

In Judge Richard Gergel's response, he confirmed a motion for a new trial may be filed on or before Feb. 10:

On Tuesday, Roof was unanimously sentenced to death by the jury during the penalty phase of the trial. Roof, who was convicted of killing nine black worshipers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina in 2015, was said to be "unrepentant" throughout the proceedings. "He understood the consequences that would be coming," Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Richardson told the jury during his closing arguments, according toNBC News.

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Roof's request for a new trial, former South Carolina prosecutor Holman Gossett told WSPA-TV, was always a possibility. "He didn't have any attorneys helping him in the penalty phase so he may make that motion after reflecting on it," Gossett said Tuesday. "Then it would go through the process of automatic hearings with appellate courts to see if there's any reason under the law that it should not stand legal grounds."

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