Dubai Police Force Will Reportedly Add Tesla's Cybertruck to Fleet in 2020

The future is now and it's weird as hell.




Tesla's new Cybertruck vehicle, which Elon Musk should absolutely feel free to send me free of charge at his earliest convenience, will apparently be added to the Dubai Police Force's fleet of luxury vehicles next year.

PerCBS News, the Dubai Police Force tweeted an edited photo of the new electric truck earlier this week that saw its logo added to the design. 

شرطة دبي - 2020 - Dubai Police #CyberTruck

— Dubai Policeشرطة دبي (@DubaiPoliceHQ) November 26, 2019

Should the Cybertruck formally land in their lineup for 2020, it follows similarly high-end automotive moves  from the department in the past including the addition of a Lamborghini vehicle in 2013 and a current assortment that boasts Bugattis, Mercedes, and more.

Musk hinted earlier this week that pre-orders for the long-awaited Cybertruck—which famously included some unplanned window shattering during its much-discussed launch event—had passed the 250,000 mark. Back in August 2018, Musk said the then-in-development truck was his "personal favorite."

The Cybertruck is designed to bring together sports car-level performance and truck-like utility features, complete with three different variants: single motor rear-wheel drive ($39,900) , dual motor all-wheel drive ($49,900), and tri motor all-wheel drive ($69,900).

Cybertruck pulls F-150 uphill

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 24, 2019

According to Musk, the Cybertruck will be the last new Tesla product unveiling "for a while," though 2020 will bring "some (mostly) unexpected technology announcements."

I'm gonna tell my kids this is the first pick-up

— Tesla (@Tesla) November 23, 2019

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