Doctors and Nurses Are Wearing Pics of Themselves Smiling to Calm COVID-19 Patients

To help ease the fears of COVID-19 patients, healthcare workers are attaching smile badges to their PPE.


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In an effort to comfort patients and stave off feelings of isolation amid COVID-19, doctors and nurses have taken to attaching photos of themselves in full smile to their personal protective equipment.

As shown in a Huffington Postreport this week, healthcare workers—typically the only people novel coronavirus patients will see during their stay due to containment measures—have started documenting this method of comfort across social media to inspire others to follow suit.

As San Diego-area respiratory therapist Robertino Rodriguez explained in the report via an email interview, he initially became inspired to start utilizing the PPE-attached smile badge as a way of boosting morale among his patients despite not being able to show his actual face.

"A smile goes a long way in comforting a scared patient—bringing some brightness in these dark times,' Rodriguez, who works at Scripps Mercy Hospital, said. Rodriguez showed an example of this method in action on Instagram, writing that "a reassuring smile" can make a "big difference" when trying to calm a patient who's feeling fearful:

Other healthcare workers on the front lines of COVID-19 have since shared their PPE smile badges, with some even sprucing up the initiative a bit further by using photos of beloved fictional characters:

For the latest U.S.-based information on COVID-19, please consult the CDC's regular updates.

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