Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Settles Lawsuits, Louisville to Pay $2 Million

In a statement, one of Kenneth Walker's lawyers noted that his client would forever be haunted by the violent actions of police in March 2020.

Breonna Taylor tribute for birthday is pictured

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Breonna Taylor tribute for birthday is pictured

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, has been reported to have settled a pair of lawsuits against Louisville in connection with her fatal shooting at the hands of local police.

Per a report from the Associated Press, the City of Louisville will pay $2 million to settle the suits in question. In a statement shared with AP and other outlets, attorney Steve Romines—who’s among those who represented Walker in legal proceedings—noted that his client will be haunted by Breonna’s death forever.

“[Walker] will live with the effects of being put in harm’s way due to a falsified warrant, to being a victim of a hailstorm of gunfire and to suffering the unimaginable and horrific death of Breonna Taylor,” Romines, who works as part of the Romines, Weis & Young firm in Louisville, said on Monday.

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Complex has reached out to Romines’ office and to the office of Louisville mayor Greg Fischer for comment on the settlements. This story may be updated. Per reports, the settlement will see a portion of the funds being put toward a scholarship effort for civil rights law students and toward police reform efforts.

In August, Walker penned an op-ed for the Washington Post. In it, he reacted to what he described as “basic justice” for Taylor, who was shot and killed by police inside her apartment in March 2020 as part of a widely panned no-knock warrant operation.

“Since March 13, 2020, I have had to hear lie after lie about what happened that horrible night,” Walker said at the time. “Now the police have begun to tell the truth—that the cops knew that they did not have probable cause to search Bre’s apartment, that they lied to get the search warrant that resulted in officers unlawfully breaking down our door in the middle of the night, that they conspired to cover their tracks after gunning Bre down, and that they kept lying for years.”

The op-ed arrived following word that the Justice Department had filed civil rights charges against the police officers involved in Taylor’s death.

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