Bernie Sanders in Mittens Emerges as Early Contender for Best Meme of 2021

Bernie Sanders, no stranger to top-tier memes, is once again the subject of a widely remixed meme taken straight from Inauguration Day proceedings.




I am once again asking you to give Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the respect he deserves.

Today, that respect comes in the form of a gloriously cathartic meme the likes of which may not soon be matched. Indeed, thanks to the inauguration-related festivities featuring the beginning of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris administration, a should-be-framed-in-every-home-in-America photo of Sanders rocking a pair of clearly quite warm mittens has emerged as an early frontrunner for the best of meme of 2021.

The mittens in question, per Sanders' team, are the work of Essex Junction-area teacher Jen Ellis. The mittens are made from repurposed sweater wool and lined with fleece. He's previously been seen wearing Jen-crafted mittens on the campaign trail, including back in early 2020.

But before we ingest this new batch of Bernie memes, let's note what the two-time POTUS candidate said about the hard work that's ahead.

"What's absolutely imperative now is that the Congress show the American people we can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time," Sanders said during a brief CBS News chat on Wednesday. "In other words, we can impeach Trump, we can allow Biden's nominees to have hearings and be appointed, and—most importantly—we deal with the crises facing working families all over this country."

Asked if he believed this new administration would ultimately prove to be a progressive one, Sanders revealed he does in fact believe that to be so:

In celebration of that and in united awe of Bernie's latest meme catalog entry, we've curated a collection of format variants below, including a couple alternate shots of the mittens-centered brilliance. Enjoy.















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