Arkansas Pastor Accused of Using Meth With Church Members and Performing Exorcism on Toddler

Lloyd Eddie Lasker Jr. is facing drug-related charges after cops determined he was allegedly using meth at a church "with his parishioners."


Image via Getty/ Photos by R A Kearton


For reasons entirely clear, the use of meth by a pastor with fellow church members is typically frowned upon.

As you may have seen on your timeline, depending on your everyday tolerance for news of the god variety, an Arkansas pastor—identified in this regional KNWA report as Lloyd Eddie Lasker Jr.—is now facing drug-related charges after regional cops determined he was (allegedly!) using meth at a church in Mayflower "with his parishioners."

Lasker has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a gun by a convicted felon. According to regional reports, Lasker is—or, perhaps more accurately, was—the pastor of an entity referred to in multiple articles as the "House of Refuge and Deliverance."

According to reports, regional cops were looking for Lasker in connection with "a child abuse case" and ultimately found him and another man—identified as Timothy Bynum—in a truck at a gas station. After a search of the vehicle, authorities found meth "and a pipe," as well as landing a confession from Lasker that he had a gun at his residence. Upon searching the property, cops found a gun and multiple ammunition rounds and "a box of pipes."

Per a separate report on these connected acts of fuckery from Laske, he has (reportedly) conceded to using meth in the church on multiple occasions. Furthermore, Lasker is alleged to have admitted to having attempted to "exorcise the demon" in the child though he declined to explain how such a purported exorcising was performed.

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