Alex Jones’ ‘Desperate’ $1.56M Settlement Offer in Defamation Lawsuit Rejected by Families of Sandy Hook Victims

The conspiracy theorist and InfoWars personality is facing multiple lawsuits in connection with false hoax claims he made about the 2012 shooting.

Alex Jones is pictured pointing to the sky

Image via Getty/Sergio Flores

Alex Jones is pictured pointing to the sky

Families of victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have rejected a settlement offer from Alex Jones, who was made the subject of the defamation lawsuit after spreading false claims about the massacre.

Per a report from the Connecticut Law Tribune, the InfoWars founder had offered to pay $120,000 to each plaintiff. At 13 total plaintiffs in the suit, the total amount of Jones’ (ultimately rejected) proposal was $1.56 million.

In related court documents, a rep is quoted as stating Jones “extends his heartfelt apology for any distress his remarks caused.” Within hours on Tuesday, lawyers representing the families had formally rejected the proposed settlement. In subsequent filings, lawyers argued that the offer from Jones was merely a “transparent and desperate” effort to avoid his “public reckoning.”

Speaking with CNN this week, Norm Pattis—a lawyer for Jones—argued that false Sandy Hook hoax claims were “a minuscule part” of their client’s larger programming. During a 2019 sworn deposition, Jones conceded that the Sandy Hook shooting was real while also attributing his past comments to “a form of psychosis.”

As for the defamation suit again receiving attention this week, Jones failed to appear this month after being ordered to sit for a deposition. A judge had previously denied Jones’ request to have the deposition pushed back due to a claimed medical reason. Plaintiffs have since asked the judge to hold Jones in contempt, as well as incarcerate and fine him.

Last November, Jones was reported to have been found liable for damages in lawsuits brought against him by families of Sandy Hook shooting victims. One month prior, he had also been found liable for damages in other Sandy Hook lawsuits.

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