Ontario Woman Finds Dead Mouse in Bagged Milk

A Christian Island, Ontario resident says she found a dead mouse in a bag of milk she purchased at the grocery store. The milk was consumed by her and her son.

A Western chestnut mouse.
Image via Getty/Auscape/Universal Images Group
A Western chestnut mouse.

When a Christian Island, Ontario resident realized the bag of milk in her fridge was heavier than usual, she knew something was up. 

In what’s possibly the grossest news to come out of Canada this week, 28-year-old Shaylynn Marsden found a dead mouse at the bottom of a bag of Neilson TruTaste milk.

“That level of disgust was just unbelievable … I literally wanted to gargle and drink bleach, that’s how gross I felt,” said Marsden to CBC

She says that the milk was mostly consumed by her three-year-old son, Onikaniw. Marsden is monitoring her son for sickness after the incident, as she’s been told Onikaniw may be at risk for worms. As he is asthmatic, Marsden is extremely concerned for her son’s safety. 

Since Christian Island is in the Georgian Bay, residents need to take a ferry to access groceries from the mainland. With cost of living rising in Ontario and it taking Marsden over an hour to get to the grocery store, it’s clear to see how unfair it is that she has to worry about the safety of her food. 

Though experts say that mice ending up in food is rare, this isn’t the first time this has allegedly happened in recent history. A Reddit post claims a mouse was found in a bag of Neilson milk from a Niagara Falls Walmart about three months ago, but since the post has been deleted, we cannot verify these claims. The comments still remain, and they are hilarious. 

Maybe the rest of the world is right for making fun of Canadians for drinking bagged milk. Either way, we think it’s time to switch to oat milk (Or whatever plant milk you like best, we don’t judge!). 

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