Billy Bush Bragged About Trump Video During Rio Olympics

Billy Bush bragged about the now-infamous Donald Trump video to co-workers while at the Rio Olympics.

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Ever since Donald Trump's now-infamous 2005 comments from the Access Hollywood bus were made public on Friday, people have been trying to figure out who knew about the video. On Monday night, Page Six reported that not only was Bush aware of the existence of the footage, but he bragged about it to NBC staffers at a party during the Rio Olympics this past summer.

Reportedly, Bush said that he had a “tape of Trump being a real dog." It was that very comment that caused Access Hollywood staff to begin hunting for the tape heard 'round the world. According to Page Six, a review of Bush's actions has begun, and people are being asked to voice "any concerns about Bush, his inappropriate behavior or frat-boy mentality."

Bush's behavior on the tape has already gotten him suspended from his gig on Today, with no return date announced. He could be in further trouble from the network if they determine that he knew about the Trump tape and didn't report it to the higher-ups. One NBC insider told Page Six that not reporting the tape's existence could violate the morality clause in Bush's contract.  

Donald Trump has repeatedly dismissed his vulgar comments on the tape as "locker room talk." In response, a ton of professional athletes—a group that knows a thing or two about locker rooms—has challenged that characterization

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