8 Anti-Trump Republicans Who Are Snubbing the RNC

These prominent conservatives are skipping the Republican National Convention—read their sick #NeverTrump burns.

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As the Republican National Convention kicks into high (a.k.a. terrifying) gear and we hear from such luminaries as actor Scott Baio, former underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr., and that guy from Duck Dynasty, it has become clear that the one thing missing from this convention so far is respect. Plus a few well-known Republicans.

This isn't a huge shock; Trump has been unpopular among Republicans, many of whom view him as crass, hateful, and a sure sign that the apocalypse is coming. The former reality star may technically be old(ish) money, but many are not impressed by him and his entourage of beauty and wealth.

Here are eight well-known Republicans you won’t be seeing at the RNC this week:

1. Jeb Bush

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We won't be seeing the Bush family at the RNC any time soon. Pretty much the entire crew hates Trump, and for good reason. He represents all that the Bushes' good breeding and genteel sensibilities try to hide. And that was before Jeb Bush was trounced by Trump in the primaries after being called “low energy” and mocked mercilessly. Both Jeb and his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, have said Trump has a “filthy mouth.”

And just last week, Jeb penned a strongly worded op-ed for the Washington Post, saying: “Trump's abrasive, Know Nothing-like nativist rhetoric has blocked out sober discourse about how to tackle America's big challenges.”

Neither Jeb's father nor brother, former Presidents George Bush and George W. Bush respectively, will attend the convention, either.


2. Mitt Romney

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2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will also be sitting out the RNC.

The man has manners, and nothing offends a man with manners and dignity more than a marauding Oompa Loompa with neither. Romney gave a speech in March, practically begging people not to vote for Trump. Some were calling on him to enter the ring, but after his disastrous 2012 bid, he refused. Still, he gave it to Trump hard:

Imagine your children and your grandchildren acting the way he does. Would you welcome that? Haven’t we seen before what happens when people in prominent positions fail the basic responsibility of honorable conduct? We have. And it always injures our families and our country.

3. George Will

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4. David Brooks

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Brooks won’t be shaking patriotic pom-poms in Cleveland this week. Back in March, the New York Times columnist skewered Trump:

Donald Trump is an affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue and citizenship. He pollutes the atmosphere in which our children are raised. He has already shredded the unspoken rules of political civility that make conversation possible. In his savage regime, public life is just a dog-eat-dog war of all against all.

Don’t hold back, David! Let us know how you really feel. 

5. Lindsey Graham

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South Carolina Sen. Graham won’t be in the cheering section at the RNC, and it's quite snub but not a shock. Graham hit Trump on Twitter with this: “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it.” He also took his disdain off social media, releasing a statement of non-endorsement:

"[I] cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump because I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as Commander in Chief.”

6. Jeff Flake

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7. John Kasich

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8. Ben Sasse

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