This App Is Like Tinder for Weed

Budbo helps smokers meet their perfect match.

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Want to combine your stoner proclivities with the dating app you love to hate, or maybe hate to love? Well, you can now have the satisfaction of judging weed products like people from the comfort of your own home with Budbo, the “Tinder for weed.”

Budbo users swipe left or right on local marijuana products and strains. Once you’re done swiping, you can tap on your right-swiped items for directions to a nearby dispensary carrying the product.

Budbo founder Luke Patterson tells Complex he launched the app after trying a weed app in Denver that he found difficult to navigate. From there, he says, he called 100 to 150 dispensaries to ask about the apps they use. He then interviewed thousands of app users and asked them what they’re looking for in a weed app. “The number one answer was always, ‘I wish it was easier to find products or strains’—which was my problem as well,” Patterson says.

With Budbo, Patterson hopes to help users find weed products and strains more easily. But beyond that, he wants Budbo to ultimately pioneer open communication between tokers and local marijuana businesses.

“We are capturing analytics on the products so we will look forward to giving that information to the dispensaries so they can make better business decisions on what to stock their shelves with, what the local patients and [recreational] users want."

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