We Snuck a Camera Into a Donald Trump Fundraiser

We snuck a hidden camera into Donald Trump's recent fundraiser on Long Island. It got weird.

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We're more than six months away from voting for Barack Obama's successor, and the 2016 presidential candidates are fighting hard to remain in the race. By the time July rolls around, the Democratic and Republican parties will have to nominate their official candidates for the presidency. 

Hillary Clinton is currently favored to win the Democratic nomination over Bernie Sanders, but the GOP is still treading murky waters. Donald Trump leads by a wide margin, despite the Republican party's public disdain for him, and it doesn't seem like he'll slow down soon.

Last Thursday, Complex NEWS attended Trump's fundraiser at the Emporium, a live music venue and club in Patchogue, Long Island, to see what really happens at his private events—the ones people pay as much as $5,000 to attend. The venue was packed with passionate supporters who were 100 percent behind Trump and his plan to build a wall to keep immigrants out. Outside, on the street, protesters clashed verbally with Trump's proponents​. It wasn't pretty.

Find out what happens at a Trump fundraiser in the video above.

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