If Young Metro Don't Trust You, Ben Carson Has A Solution

Ben Carson defends his comments on Obama being 'raised white' and gives Future an alternative solution if Metro Boomin' doesn't trust you.

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Complex News was on the ground at the Republican Debate in Houston, Texas on February 25, talking politics and policy issues, but we couldn't pass up on our chance to ask Ben Carson one of the most important questions he'd ever have to answer.

If you're a Future fan, you'll know that the Atlanta rapper has a zero-level tolerance policy when his producer Metro Boomin isn't feeling you—to be exact: "If Young Metro don't trust you I'm gon' shoot you"—but is that really the best solution? Ben Carson doesn't think so. The 2016 presidential candidate gave us an alternative option for dealing with Young Metro's trust issues...and he might be onto something.

Hear Ben Carson's advice in the video above.

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