Malia Obama Gets The Best of Both Worlds With Gap Year, Then Harvard

Another Obama will be staying in D.C. next year.

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PresidentBarack Obama is not the only one in his family taking a break after this year. The New York Post reports that the president's eldest daughter Malia Obama will be taking a gap year after graduating from D.C. private school Sidwell-Friends in June. A year later, the 17 year old will take her talents to Harvard University, where her father was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review during his time in their law school.

It is no surprise that Malia would want to take a break from college given the public scrutiny she has faced as both as a first daughter, and a prospective college student. It is also no surprise that Malia would be accepted to Harvard University after such achievements as scoring one of America's coolest summer internships

With Malia turning 18 on Independence Day this year, right as her father's presidency is ending, 2017 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for presidential father-daughter bonding. As for Michelle, she still has a couple years to convince Sasha to attend her alma mater, Princeton University.

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