Dallas Man Busts Himself for Drugs on Facebook Live

A Dallas man has been busted by police for using drugs on Facebook Live.

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Sometimes the use of Facebook Live exposes horrific police brutality. Sometimes, though, the use of Facebook Live can get you busted by police for drugs, as one Dallas man recently found out the hard way.

Dominique Desha Green, a 24-year-old man from Dallas, Tex., was pulled over earlier this month for not wearing a seatbelt and not using a turn signal when he pulled out of an AutoZone, the Dallas Morning News reports. Green said he felt like the officers were unfairly "harassing me" and that he was pulled over for "being black on a Friday," so he started filming his encounter with the police. Now, he's facing 11 charges, including drug possession, related to the incident.

"Bro, I'm not committing a crime, I've just been sitting right here," Green tells the officer in the video. He continues to complain to the officer about what he sees as unjustified treatment, before asking to speak to the officer's supervisor and telling the officer, "I refuse to speak to you." He adds, "I don't have to listen to you, you are a public servant. ... You work for me!"

About 3 minutes into video, the officer tells Green that he's under arrest, and Green replies simply by saying, "Nah bro. Nah bro, I know my laws." 

The cop then walks away from the window, and Green looks into the camera and talks about how the cop is a "dumbass" and a "stupid ass." As he continues to rant about the police, he says, "I need a blunt! I need a whole fucking blunt right now, for real. These niggas got me tweaking and shit, they tripping."

Around 8 minutes into the video, Green says, "They're just fucking with me because I'm young, black—goddamn me—and on the wrong side of the neighborhood." Then, just seconds later, he explains to the camera, "I do got some shit I gotta hide," which, he explains, is why he's got "stash spots." Then, off camera, there's a sound of something closing—police say Green was stashing cocaine in the driver's side door.

Apparently responding to a Facebook Live comment recommending that Green should cooperate, Green then says, "No! Hell nah you don't do what they ask, that's how you end up with bullshit-ass charges. Fuck them, for real." 

At around 10:40 into the video, Green snitches on himself yet again, saying, "I'm glad I didn't get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of shit, for real." 

Then he gets out of the car, and yells "Black Lives Matter, bitch!" at the police, before getting back into the car. 

Throughout the video, the Dallas Police remained calm and professional. Around 13 minutes into the video, Green was placed under arrest and the video cuts off. According to police, during the arrest, Green spit in the officer's face and tried to kick out the police car window. Green also threatened the "You Pilgrim ass cracker," as he called the officer, saying, "When I get out I'm going to hunt you down."

Using Green's own video, police found cocaine and hit Green with multiple charges, including drug possession, failure to use a turn signal, failure to wear a seat belt, harrassment of a public servant, and resisting arrest, according to The Dallas Morning News. Previously, Green had been convicted for pot possession as well as "giving a false name to evade authorities." His bail is set currently at $229,500.

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