Ben Carson Says It's a Problem That CNN Anchor Hasn't Heard Men Brag About 'Sexual Conquests'

While defending Trump's comment as common locker room talk, Ben Carson tells a CNN anchor that maybe 'the problem' is that she hasn't heard similar banter.

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It's been a rough week for Donald Trump and his defenders. After his sexual assault comments were revealed, he's been getting crushed by Hillary Clinton in the polls. His fellow Republicans are abandoning him, which has him going crazy on Twitter. Those brave or dumb enough to still try to defend Trump are left embarrassing themselves, like the surrogate who recently tried to smear Hillary Clinton for liking Beyonce. The latest Trump supporter to embarrass himself is the one and only Ben Carson.

Former Trump opponent Dr. Ben Carson now advises Trump's campaign. Turns out that Carson, like Trump, doesn't really have an effective way to defend Trump's comments. But that sure doesn't mean he won't try. 

On CNN, Carson first tried to dismiss the criticism against Trump's remarks. While saying the comments were "abominable​," Carson brushed them off as "locker room talk" back when Trump was "a billionaire playboy," according to Mediaite. (Carson says Trump is now a different person than he was in 2005, but Trump has tweeted before that "100 percent of perverts go back to their ways.")

When challenged on the "locker room talk" euphemism, Carson said, "Call it whatever you need to call it to make it feel good to you." He continued, "That kind of banter goes around all the time." 

Evangelical hero Ben Carson says the problem is that more people aren't exposed to men talking about grabbing women by the pussy.

— Paul Blumenthal (@PaulBlu) October 11, 2016

The anchor, Brianna Keilar, questioned what kind of people Carson surrounds himself with if he's commonly hearing things like Trump's comments. In response, Carson explained, "As I was growing up, people were always trying to talk about their sexual conquests and trying to make themselves appear like Casanova," referring to the Italian adventurer whose name is associated with womanizing.

After that, it got even worse for Carson. He doubled down on how common that type of language is, telling Keilar, "I'm surprised you haven't heard that. I really am." Keiler replied, "I haven't heard it, and I know a lot of people who have not heard it."

Then, for whatever reason, Carson said, "Well, maybe that's the problem. Maybe that's the problem. People have not heard this." Keilar chimed in over the mumbling Carson and begins to ask, "The problem is that I haven't...?" Carson cut her off and yet again said, "Maybe that's the problem."

Carson then switched it up and kicked off a rant about Hillary Clinton. "Whether they've heard it or not, the issue is the train that's going off the cliff. We can come back after we save the country," he said. "After we keep the train from going off the cliff." 

But Twitter saw the comments from self-described family values-minded Christian Ben Carson, and didn't exactly appreciate them.

Yes, ladies. It’s your fault for not being exposed to more guys bragging about sexually assaulting you.

— Mo Elleithee 🇺🇦 🇺🇸 (@MoElleithee) October 11, 2016

Ben Carson deems this talk as stories of "sexual conquests."

*me: grabs purse and walks out

— v e s t a f r e s h (@vestafresh) October 11, 2016

But, hey, at least Ben Carson left Beyoncé alone, unlike other Trump surrogates.

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