The Internet Clowns Old Fashioned Gun Confiscated By Police

Many joked that it belonged to Han Solo.

Steve Russell / Toronto Star via Getty Images

A gun confiscated by Peel Police earlier this week is gaining attention on the Internet thanks to its vintage, cartoonish look.

In a press release, Peel Police say they confiscated the firearm from Robert Broomer, a 34-year-old man from Kitchener who was on a lifetime weapons prohibition order.

Once the photo made its way to social media, many started cracking jokes about its appearance.

One user compared the gun to something characters in the video game series Fallout would use.

Twitter: @MontyBaby7

Another person says they were shocked to find out Peel Police pulled Han Solo over.

Twitter: @JDBrooks90

Someone else the gun resembled something Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons would use.

Twitter: @RaineyOvalle

Another person said hospitals wouldn't have the cure for the tetanus the gun would inflict.

Twitter: @Phillip_UN

In the replies, someone compared the gun to the Foo Fighters' self-titled album that shows a similar-style weapon.

Twitter: @NikitaBlightsev

Finally, someone likened the gun's appearance to Tesla's Cybertruck.

Twitter: @sunnydayzsoon

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