Don't Drill a Headphone Jack Into Your iPhone 7, Dummies

This viral hack video is a troll—please do not drill a hole in your iPhone 7.

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Remember when Apple announced that it was getting rid of the iPhone headphone jack and proceeded to get dragged all over Twitter? Honestly, that decision is still dumb as hell (like, look at these AirPods you have to use now), but what's even dumber is the fact that so many fell for a hacking troll.

A week ago, YouTube user TechRax posted the video above, "Secret Hack to Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7," demonstrating how to take a 3.5mm drill bit and just go to town in order to create your own headphone jack. Sites like Mashable (seemingly?) fell for it, as did many other people. In just a few days, the video went viral and racked up 10 million views.

Well, bad news for those who were thirsty enough for that aux cord pass to try it out: Simply drilling a hole in your phone does not a headphone jack make. No one seems to have noticed that when he proves that it actually works, the music is coming from the phone speakers, and not from the ear buds. (Did people not watch carefully enough before doing massive surgery on their iPhone? Jeez.)

iphone 7 drill comments

Angry, panicked commenters started flooding the YouTube video, which only made other people troll them further in the comments with suggestions. Mashable notes microwaving your phone and dunking it in warm water were some tips. Oh god, please don't tell me anyone fell for either of those...


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