Apple to Officially Announce iPhone 8 Next Month

The largest new iPhone could set you back $999.

Tim Cook shows off iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch

Image via Getty/Justin Sullivan

Tim Cook shows off iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch

There have been a number of rumors surrounding the long-awaited iPhone 8, and it looks like the leak about its release date is true.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple's annual event where they announce all of the shit you don't really need but definitely want in your life is going down on Sept. 12, and should include a trio of iPhones that, again, you won't really need but will definitely want, including the iPhone 8.

The main event should be the $999(!!!) iPhone that will be larger than any other iPhone, probably to hold that OLED screen that will cover the entire phone, which has been hinted at since June, at least.

Also set to be announced during this event is a new Apple Watch, which is said to have the ability to connect directly to mobile networks. That'll give folks the opportunity to place calls and listen to Apple Music without the need for their phones, according to The Wrap. Also be on the lookout for Apple's HomePod, which could be a Google Home / Amazon Echo killer.

Oh, and make sure you're saving your money, as Forbes reports pre-order for the iPhone 8 could be as early as Sept. 15. We have less than a month to cop some shit we don't need, but definitely want.

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