Here's Why People Are Convinced Obama Won HQ Trivia

Life is more fun if you say yes.


Image via Pete Souza


Considering he ran the country for a comparatively peaceful eight years and gave Americans the closest thing they’ve ever had to nationalized health care, Barack Obama is due some much deserved me time. So how does our 44th president unwind... you know, aside from chilling with Richard Branson in the Caribbean? It appears Obama has boarded the HQ Trivia train, if last night’s winners list is any indication.

After Wednesday’s game, users noticed one name among the other 90 winners that seemed just a little bit familiar. Now of course, this could be a non-presidential user using Obama’s name for kicks, but people on Twitter seemed content to believe it was in fact the former president who won the $21.98 prize. I mean, heck, he certainly deserves it.

I’ll tell you one thing: I don’t think the current president could answer 12 trivia questions with 10-second time limits correctly. Maybe Congress should throw that in as a prerequisite for the 2020 election.

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