Texas Teen Kills Friend Because He 'Wanted To Commit Homicide for a Long Time'

The 17-year-old's attorney denies his claim that he convinced his mother to buy the firearm used in the shooting.

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A 17-year-old from Texas delivered a chilling confession to investigators, admitting he shot two friends, killing one, inside his home just days before Christmas simply because he had been wanting to "commit homicide for a long time."

According to court documents obtained by KHOU 11, Connor Hilton called the two victims, both of whom are teenagers, to his home on Dec. 23 to show off the revolver he had allegedly convinced his mother to buy for him. Hilton's attorney Jennifer Carpenter denies his account of how he obtained the firearm.

While showcasing the weapon, Hilton shot both of them in the head. Ethan Riley, 18, was pronounced dead the following day, while 19-year-old Benjamin Bliek remains in critical condition. A third person, who was inside the home at the time of the shooting, hid in the bathroom and called the police upon hearing the gunshots.

That individual told investigators that they overheard Hilton saying, "What have I done?" as he walked by the bathroom door.

ABC News reported Hilton appeared "visibly distraught" when officers arrived at the scene. Upon entering the residence, they saw Riley and Bliek lying on the floor and the revolver on the table.

Hilton was initially charged with two counts of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and released after posting the $1 million bond. He was arrested again on Monday and charged with murder. Hilton will now remain in police custody.

Hilton told investigators that "he had thought about, and wanted, to commit a homicide for a long time" and sought a firearm "with the intent of shooting someone and/or himself." According to the complaint, "Hilton stated that he fully understands what he had done and that he should be held accountable."

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