Pablo Escobar’s Brother Reportedly Raised $10 Million for His Impeach Trump GoFundMe Page

Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto started a GoFundMe page in an effort to impeach Donald Trump. The page received $10 million before it was shut down.

Trump travels to the US Mexico border as part of his all out offensive .

Image via Getty/Jim Watson/AFP

Trump travels to the US Mexico border as part of his all out offensive .

In a matter of 10 hours, the GoFundMe page launched by Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto to raise money for his company, Escobar Inc., to impeach Donald Trump received over $10 million, according to TMZ. The “ByeByeTrump” campaign fell short of reaching its goal of $50 million because the crowdfunding site pulled the page over concerns of where the funds were being allocated. 

The page, which was discovered earlier this week by TMZ, claimed that Roberto had information that would prove to be useful for special counsel Robert Mueller in his ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. “We, the people will impeach Donald Trump with Pablo Escobar's family holding dirty secrets of President Trump, his family and associates," the promo image declared.

Roberto explained that the funds raised would help in financing "intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers" in their takedown of Trump. Escobar Inc. tried helping GoFundMe understand how the money was being used after the page was taken down, however, no changes have been made. A rep for Escobar Inc. alleges that Trump and the U.S. government are behind the campaign’s short-lived run. 

Escobar Inc. plans on going elsewhere to continue their fundraising efforts, including a site that would cryptocurrency donations.

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