In a very strange turn of events, Pablo Escobar's brother Roberto "El Osito" Escobar launched a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to impeach Donald Trump. Hoping to raise at least $50 million for his company Escobar Inc., it's not entirely clear what Roberto's precise plans for the money are.

On the page, which has since been removed, Roberto claimed he has a lot of information that could harm Trump's career. "I am the brother of a Latino hero, I have eliminated many people from power. ... Trump will be impeached," he wrote, as TMZ reports. It's evident that a family known for drug trafficking isn't going to just give up dirt for free, but still $50 million sure is asking for a lot.

According to Roberto, he has information that Robert Mueller would want to hear, whatever that means. "We, the people will impeach Donald Trump with Pablo Escobar's family holding dirty secrets of President Trump, his family and associates," the promo image for the page promised. 

As previously mentioned, the fundraiser has since been shut down by GoFundMe, although interestingly the We The People Will Fund The Wall page with a $1 billion goal is still active. There's plenty of other people using the platform to impeach Trump somehow, though.

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