Over 1 in 4 Delivery Drivers Confess to Having Tried Your Food, Study Claims

The study comes from US Foods.

A driver of the delivery service Lieferando drives across a road.

Image via Getty/Paul Zinken/picture alliance

A driver of the delivery service Lieferando drives across a road.

It’s about that time. It’s time for dinner. Now, if you don’t have any plans to eat outside or the desire to cook something up, your next best option is to order food.

And since you have already given into the undeniable appeal of staying inside and ordering food, why stop there? Why not have it delivered to your door?

Now go order that food, and maybe get a bigger size than you normally would because your delivery driver may want to try just a little bit. Last week, a Jimmy John’s delivery driver was caught on camera putting his mouth on a customer’s drink as he waited for someone to answer the door. 

If you think these incidents are a rare occurrence, guess again. It actually happens more often than you think because, according to a report from US Foods, 28 percent of the nearly 500 delivery drivers who participated in the survey admitted to taking food before giving the order to the customer. 

It’s a discouraging result when the same survey concluded that an average rating of 8.4, with 10 being "absolutely unacceptable," was given when customers were asked if they would be upset if a deliverer took a few fries en route to getting your burger and fries order to your door. 

These concerns, however, could be possibly addressed with tamper-evident labels, which customers were a convincingly 85 percent in favor of using. But until the day comes when those labels are a requirement, you will just need to take your chances, and hope that your delivery driver isn't feeling hungry. 

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