Nintendo Direct Announces Remake of 'Link's Awakening,' 'Super Mario Maker 2' for Switch

Nintendo Direct made a handful of announcements, including the arrival of a remake of 'Link's Awakening' and 'Super Mario Maker 2' coming to the Switch.

nintendo zelda mario

BANGKOK, THAILAND - 2018/07/28: A Nintendo Switch displays the Nintendo logo with a background of a market value on the stock exchange. (Photo by Guillaume Payen/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

nintendo zelda mario

A few of the biggest announcements coming out of Nintendo Direct was the revelation that a complete remake of the Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, in addition to that a sequel to Super Mario Maker will be dropping later this year.

The trailer for Super Mario Maker 2, which you can see below, teases a small yet exciting new feature coming to the game: diagonal slopes. The final minute of the trailer is a sensory overload showing gamers all the possibilities at their fingertips as they look to construct their own courses. Super Mario Maker 2 will arrive in June. 

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Link’s Awakening will undergo a virtual facelift, evolving from the antiquated graphics suitable for the Game Boy to a version featuring lush colors and a spectacularly clean 3-D presentation. Despite all the visual changes, the top-down style of previous installments will be retained.

I'm still in shock it's unbelievable!! Some comparison pics between the original DX version of link's awakening versus what was just released omg.. so many memories..

— Shattered-Earth (@Shattered_Earth) February 13, 2019

I mean... Look at it?! That's SUCH a good art style choice for this #Zelda Link's Awakening remake. It keeps the proportions intact, uses the GBC colors faithfully and it's just so unique and charming looking! Eeek!

— Fabraz: Demon Turf (@Fabrazz) February 13, 2019

The announcement of the remake comes on the heels of Link’s Awakening marking 25 years since its release. It tells the story of our hero ending up stranded after washing ashore on Koholint Island where he encounters a slew of strange characters, and bizarre monsters. The trailer above is a recreated version of the cutscene from the Game Boy opening scene. 

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