5 FBI Officials Solicited Prostitutes During Overseas Work Trip, Investigation Finds

An investigation found that five FBI officials violated DOJ and agency policy when they “solicited” prostitutes while on an overseas work trip.

FBI seal at headquarters in Washington DC.

Close up of the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the wall of J Edgar Hoover FBI Building, Washington DC.

FBI seal at headquarters in Washington DC.

An investigation conducted by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that five FBI officials “solicited” prostitutes while on an overseas trip, ABC News reports. Such behavior is considered a violation of FBI and DOJ policy. 

Four of the five officials “solicited, procured, and accepted commercial sex overseas.” The people involved weren’t identified and the location of where these instances occurred was not disclosed.

Horowitz’s report said one FBI official “lacked candor” due to their denial about “observing or placing pills in a package to be delivered to a foreign law enforcement officer,” while another failed to report that they received a similar package. A foreign official was also seen receiving one such package containing 100 white pills. 

Horowitz wrote, “The OIG investigation also found that four of those officials lacked candor about their interactions with prostitutes and other misconduct during OIG compelled interviews and compelled polygraph examinations, in violation of FBI policies, and that one of those officials made false statements in an OIG compelled interview and compelled polygraph examination in violation of federal law, when the official denied having engaged in sex acts with a prostitute.” 

A sixth FBI official also violated DOJ policy by failing to report the misconduct by their peers. Two of the FBI officials have since resigned, two went into retirement, and one was removed. 

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