A Man Tried to Rescue Cat by Climbing Tree; Firefighters Had to Save Both

An Oklahoma man was attempting to rescue his cat from a tree, but ended up needing to call the Tulsa Fire Department to save him and the cat as well.


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In a case of maybe the worst luck ever, an Oklahoma man attempting to rescue his pet cat from a tree ended up needing to be saved along with the pet by firefighters.

As reported by People, the Tulsa Fire Department was dispatched after the man claimed too high into the tree trying to save his pet. 

“Around 3:45 p.m., Captain Alan Hancock and his Engine 27 A Platoon crew responded to a rescue near S. 94th E. Avenue and E. 27th Street,” the fire department shared in a Facebook post. “Apparently, a cat climbed high up into a tree. Its owner was so concerned for the feline that he climbed up to attempt a rescue. Unfortunately, they both found themselves in a dangerous predicament high above the ground, unable to get down safely.”

The post explained that the Department had to then get an aerial device to retrieve both the pet and its owner.

“When Captain Hancock and crew arrived and accessed the scene, they requested that Captain Jacob Inbody and the Ladder 27 crew respond to utilize their aerial device,” it read. “Acting FEO Brett Allen positioned the aerial, so Firefighter Jayme Brooks could ascend and perform a safe rescue.”

The Tulsa Fire Department also shared a video on Facebook of the entire mission as well, showing both the cat and man making it to the ground safely. I’m not sure if there is a moral to this story, but just watch your cats so you don’t end up in a tree with them.

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