Florida Man Spits in Child's Face for Wearing a Mask

A Florida man got so upset at a child who refused to take off his mask that he took it off for him and proceeded to spit in his face.


Image via Getty/Roy Rochlin


Despite cases of COVID-19 spiking in the United States at a rapid rate, some people still find it advantageous to passionately refuse to wear masks, and even get upset at others who care about their health by wearing one. 

A man in Florida really showed out for the anti-maskers on Wednesday after literally spitting in a young boy's face because he wouldn't take off his mask in a restaurant. Fox 13 News reported that 47-year-old Jason Copenhaver asked a child in Ricky T's—a pub in southwestern Pinellas County—to take off his mask, and after the refused Copenhaver then took off the child's mask for him and spit in his face saying "You now have coronavirus."

"When the boy refused, police said Copenhaver grabbed the boy's arm, and got close enough to his face that his spit landed on the child," Fox reported. 

The police report mirrored this as well, saying: “Victim stated that [Copenhaver] was in such close proximity that spit particles from [Copenhaver’s] mouth landed in his face."

Once police arrived and arrested Copenhaver after he also allegedly attempted to hit an employee, he would later be released from jail after posting $650 bail. Police also said that he was not sure whether he had COVID-19 himself. This all occurs while the state of Florida is doing absolutely terribly at curtailing the spread of this pandemic. As of Aug. 5, the state has recorded 5,409 new cases to add to it's 503,000 confirmed count and has also recorded 225 more deaths to add to its total of 7,626. 

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