5 ways our views of sex have changed in the last decade

We’re less likely to consider first-date sex, new data says.

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Here's some information that might make you feel old: Online dating has been a thing for more than a decade. 

OkCupid launched in 2004 and has become so prominent that 40,000 couples go on a first date each night, according to the dating app.

Before we started inviting boos to Netflix and chill, OkCupid was "collecting data from personal match questions" since its debut. Now, the site has released data revealing how attitudes about sex have changed in the last decade:

1. Less likely to sleep with someone on a first date

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OkCupid users are now 19 percent less likely to have sex with someone on a first date compared to 10 years ago. The site said the number dropped across gender and sexual orientation demographics, as well.

The biggest drops were among gay men and straight women, with 26 percent and 23 percent less people than in 2005, respectively.

2. Less likely to date someone 'just for sex'

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OkCupid found that not only are people less likely to have first-date sex—they're also less likely do date someone "just for the sex." The site opines that maybe sex alone isn't enough, but the majority of men (by 1 percent) still think it is.

3. Most people think there's such a thing as 'too many sex partners'

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The majority of people think there's such a thing as "too many sex partners," but this is still a big improvement from 2005. 

Straight women are most concerned about their date's number of partners, with 63 percent. Meanwhile, bisexual men and women care least, with 28 percent of people answering "yes."

4. Definitely cool with women talking openly about sexual exploits

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Don't worry, women—86 percent of OkCupid users give you permission to speak openly about your sexual exploits. 

The dating site revealed that women are their own harshest critics, while bisexual men and women were the biggest advocates for basically recreating every Sex and the City scene:


5. Majority want to have sex with a partner before marriage

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Sex is pretty important, according to OkCupid: "One thing people agree on, regardless of their gender and orientation, is that as people become more selective about who they date, sex becomes more important."

When it comes to settling down, 76 percent of people want to take a trip to bone town before saying "I do," compared to 65 percent 10 years ago.

"Dating culture is evolving. It could even be maturing. Have dating apps directly affected our behavior?" the dating site concluded. "We can’t say for certain. But we can say that we’re more thoughtful in our sexual behavior, and more progressive when it comes to attitudes. That’s not a bad place to be."

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