The Best 90s Toys

To keep the magic of Chrismas going, let's look at the best 90s toys that kept you waiting for Santa's sleigh.

90s toys tiger games
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90s toys tiger games

Hey you, former '90s kid. Yeah, we’re talking to you. We're in the weeds of post-Christmas depression, coming down from all the spending and mourning for the presents we wanted but didn't receive. But while the sadness of not getting a Google Home in your stocking stings, it doesn't compare to the days when you loved ol’ Saint Nick, but gave all props up to the parental units. You worked damn hard to stay on Santa’s nice list. If you wanted to break your ankle in Nickelodeon moon shoes, you cleaned your room. No Elf on a Shelf bribery needed. 1990’s good behavior was a result of old-fashioned Yuletide spirit. Oh yeah and toys, lots of epic toys.

So what was it Kris Kringle brought in on that retro sleigh? Was it a pow pow Power Wheel or the wildly popular Easy Bake Oven? Kids prayed all month for Santa’s sack of goodies and come Christmas morning we didn't even think twice about dialing up our AOL. We were straight flying down those stairs to claim our holiday jackpot. And Bam! There we were, in the midst of that Christmas morning magic.

Hold up, let’s paint this picture. A glistening Christmas tree, remnants of cookies, lego-stacked presents. It was enough winter enchantment to supercede a school snow day. It was evident that Santa didn’t fit down your chimney. Now it was time to ransack the place in search of those new games, shiny rollerblades, and that puppy your parents didn’t didn’t buy you. Oh, the waiting! But getting mom and dad out of that wrapping-induced coma was another story.

Still can’t recall what kept you off the naughty list and the coal out your stocking? Well don’t sweat your jingle balls. Because we took the time to bring you some holly jolly nostalgia. Now lets recap the best 90s toys out there.


90s toys bop it

Crocodile Dentist


90s toys tamagatchi


90s toys pogs

Super Soakers

90s toys super soaker

Parents' annoyance level: 2/10. It encouraged children to go outside and let mom watch Oprah in peace.

Super Soakers were legit, until we got in trouble for bringing the brightly colored "guns" to school. Somehow it promoted violence? Also, if you lived anywhere with a snowy winter, it was torture waiting for spring to use your new gat.

Talkback Dear Diary

Power Ranger Megazords

90s toys power rangers

Don't Wake Daddy

90s toys dont wake daddy

Sky Dancers

Pokemon Cards

90s toys pokemon card

Gooey Louie

90s toys gooey louie


90s toys k nex

Monster In My Pocket

90s toys monsters in my pocket

Tickle Me Elmo

90s toys tickle me elmo

Spice Girl Dolls

90s toys spice girls dolls


90s toys gak


90s toys floam

Laser Challenge

Creepy Crawlers

90s toys creepy crawlers

Nerf Guns

90s toys nerf guns

Hit Clips

90s toys hit clip

1, 2, 3 Roller Skates

90s toys baby 1 2 3 skates


90s toys furbie

Power Wheels

90s toys power wheels

Easy Bake Oven

90s toys easy bake oven

Dream Phone

90s toys dream phone


90s toys tiger games

Moon Shoes

90s toys moon shoes

Magic Johnson's Double Jam Basketball

Magic Johnson attends a WNBA game.

Beanie Babies

90s toys beanie babies

Polly Pocket and Mighty Max

90s toys polly pocket



90s toys crossfire


90s toys talkboy

Mr. Bucket

90s toys mr bucket

Socker Boppers

90s toys soccer boppers

Slap Bracelets

90s toys slap bracelet

Dream Builders

90s toys dream builders

Baby Tumble Surprise

90s toys baby tumble surprise

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