So Meta: Oreo Is Now Offering Oreo-Flavored Oreos

In what seems like an extremely lazy idea, Cookies & Creme Oreos have hit the shelves at Walmart.

Double stuffed Oreos.

Image via WikiCommons

Double stuffed Oreos.

There was once a time when you could just go get some Oreos and your choice was simple: normal or double-stuf? That's it. Then Nabisco realized the cookie consumer wanted more options and, subsequently, went completely nuts and started throwing out whatever they (or their kids) were telling them to make. Fruit punch? Done. Root beer float? Done. Swedish fish? Done. Lots of other crazy flavors? Done.

It's up to you to decide when they jumped the shark or even if they jumped the shark. After all, we have no doubt some of these flavors are freakin' amazing. But recently things got super meta for Oreo fans when the company rolled out "Cookies & Creme Oreos," which seems like another way of saying Oreo-flavored Oreos. The limited edition cookies, which are now here, are a Wal-Mart exclusive that will feature "additional cookie flakes mixed into the creme filling," and were voted in last year over caramel apple and jelly donut.

Food site Junk Banter reviewed them on Wednesday, where they pointed out the seemingly obvious. "Of course these taste good, because they taste like Oreos," they said. "It’s as if someone took Oreo crumbs and dumped them into the regular creme."

Some people on Twitter also made that same observation. If we were executives we'd just counter with, "OK, so what the hell are your ideas then?":

For the record, this is actually something they did before. So, naturally, you got to wonder whether these Wal-Mart customers are nostalgic for a return, or whether Nabisco just found an old warehouse full and said, "We got to get rid of these things, man. Think of something quick."

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