Border Patrol Seizes Over $1 Million Worth of Cocaine After It Washes up on Florida Beach

U.S. Border Patrol agents seized a cocaine haul they valued at more than $1 million after it was found washed up on a Florida beach last week.

Stock image of cocaine.

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Stock image of cocaine.

Last week, the job of a select group of U.S. Border Patrol agents was made very easy when a cocaine shipment with an estimated value of more than $1 million simply washed onto the shore of a beach in Florida, per CNN.

That load of narcotics, which was in 30 packages, was found last Monday by someone who had been strolling on the beach in Hollywood, Florida. That beachgoer then called it into the local Police Department, perhaps missing a golden business opportunity in the process. The local police collected the cocaine and passed it over to Border Patrol, according to a statement. 

"The 30 packages of cocaine weighed approximately 78 pounds with an estimated street value of over one million dollars," that statement said in part, according to CNN.

Here's a picture along with info that's now redundant:

The now-seized-shipment is apparently the latest in a string of similarly doomed deliveries that have been thwarted by the tide bringing them in. We say that because, as CNN adds, Miami Sector Border Patrol revealed that they've had "multiple reports of narcotic wash-ups" on the Florida coasts. A statement released by Border Patrol says that, over the past two months, more than 210 pounds have been seized via this method.

As you might have figured, the agency says the uptick in drugs washing in like this is a sign that smugglers are smuggling along the state's coast. 

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