Trump Says System Is Rigged Against Black People—and Him

While discussing whether or not the system is rigged against black people, Trump said he could “really relate it very much to myself."

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Speaking with Fox's Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday morning, presumptive Republican nominee for president Donald Trump answered questions about Black Lives Matter, race relations in America, and the disenfranchisement of black people. Discussing whether or not Trump feels that the system is rigged against black people, Trump said that he could "really relate it very much to myself."

O'Reilly asked Trump, a white billionaire, if he believes black people who say that the American system is rigged and biased against them; Trump responded, 

They're not necessarily wrong. There are certain people where unfortunately that comes into play, and I'm not saying that. I can relate it, really very much to myself. 

O'Reilly then asked Trump if he thinks he can understand the African American experience, to which Trump responded, "Well, I'd like to say yes, but you really can't unless you're African American."

He then pivoted to saying that the Black Lives Matter movement is dividing the nation, and only hurting themselves. He added that he felt incredulous when he first learned about the movement and the phrase "black lives matter," saying he thinks "they can't say that."

It is statements such as these about Black Lives Matter that have led a huge majority of people of color to say that Trump is racist. A poll conducted by GenForward that was published in June found that more than three fourths of African Americans, Asians, and Latinos between the ages of 18 and 30 feel that Trump is racist. More than half of young white people feel the same.

Trump is expected to announce his selection for a vice presidential running mate on Friday of this week, just ahead of the Republican National Convention which will commence in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday.

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