Tampa Police Investigating Heinous Hit-and-Run That Went Viral

Tampa police are investigating a hit-and-run, after a video that showed a car ramming into a motorcycle on the highway went viral.

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A Tampa driver with a serious case of road rage was caught running into and knocking over a motorcycle in a video that has now gone viral. The Florida Highway Patrol is looking into the hit-and-run incident, which happened around 5:30 PM local time on Monday evening.

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The video was captured on a cell phone by Abe Garcia, who posted the footage on Facebook. The video of the collision shows the driver of a silver car ramming into a motorcycle that was being ridden by a driver and a passenger, knocking the motorcycle over and tossing the driver and rider from the bike. The driver of the car then proceeded to drive away. 

Garcia described the events leading up to the incident shown in the video to ABC Action News in Florida:

The guy driving the car was driving recklessly, like crazy out of control. I saw him almost run one of the bikers over, like off the side of the road.  So, then the bikers caught up to him at a red light and words started exchanging, and then the guy went complete psychopath. 

Action News reported that the driver of the car, who has been identified as 31-year-old Robert Vance, has been in legal trouble in the past, including several traffic violations. Vance is now being charged with aggravated batter and for leaving the site of the crash, according to Action News.

Abe Garcia did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

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