Your Name Might Be Why You're Striking Out on Tinder

These are the names Tinder users right swiped on most in 2016. Did yours make the list?

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Another year is coming to a close, a time when many people take stock of the months gone by, perhaps including luck (or lack thereof) on dating and hook-up apps. Tinder has taken stock of who was getting the most matches on their app based on names in 2016, revealing that popular names are also popular on Tinder. Did your name make the cut?

Lists of the most popular names among women and men who used Tinder in the U.S. last year revealed that people named Hannah and Lucas might have had a great 2016 on Tinder. The data was pulled from left and right swipes between December of 2015 and November of this year.

Among the ladies, Hannah was the No. 1 name to get a right swipe. Emma, Lauren, and Julia followed. 

1. Hannah
2. Emma
3. Lauren
4. Julia
5. Emily
6. Rachel
7. Samantha
8. Katie
9. Anna
10. Sara

For the men, Lucas was the most popular swipe-right. Followed by Ryan, Matthew, and Nick. 

1. Lucas
2. Ryan
3. Matthew
4. Nick
5. Josh
6. Brandon
7. Justin
8. Ben
9. Adam
10. Andrew

It's not clear whether or not these names are more popular overall on Tinder, and get more swipes purely based on numbers, or if there's something about people with these names that is irresistible to their swiping peers.

Tinder users swipe 1.4 billion times a day in 196 countries around the world, and facilitates 26 million matches per day. Now we know a good handful of those are ladies named Hannah and dudes named Lucas. 

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