Kid Demolishes $15K LEGO Statue an Hour After Exhibit Opens

A $15K LEGO statue is no match for one kid who demolished it within an hour after it was displayed. Read more on the LEGO incident and what happened next here.

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Less than an hour after the exhibit opened, a massive LEGO sculpture of Nick, the fox character from the film Zootopia, was destroyed. A kid knocked the LEGO statue over, shattering it back into its original form: a billion individual LEGO pieces. There's a reason your parents had you walk around stores with your hands behind your back, people.

The statue went up then quickly came tumbling down at the LEGO Expo in the Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in China on Sunday, according to CCTV in China. Before it was destroyed by the tiny reckless hands of a child, the statue was nearly the size of an adult human. CCTV reports that the artist who created the statue, Mr. Zhao, spent three entire days and nights assembling the statue, only for it to go bye-bye before it could have a proper debut.

Mr. Zhao was crushed over the destruction of his statue and posted photos of the model being constructed, and then a photo of LEGO Nick splattered all over the floor. Broken, just like, we assume, his dreams:

LEGO Statue
LEGO Fox Statue
LEGO Statue Destroyed

Not only was the statue precious because of its artistic merit and the work that went into it, but it was actually worth a ton of money: 100,000 Yuan or $15,193​ USD. But CCTV reports that the parents of the LEGO destroyer apologized profusely and Mr. Zhao said all is forgiven.

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