The Next iPhone Will Come Stacked With Features We've Never Seen Before

iPhone 7's will be extra bright, and maybe a little cheaper, will have some dope never-before-seen features. The company does not want to compromise quality.

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Fans of Apple products are already anxiously awaiting the release of the next generation of iPhone that will go on sale late next year. There's more reason to be psyched for the iPhone 7 now that it's been revealed that the new phone will feature a screen completely new to the iPhone family.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 7 will have new screens created by Applied Materials Inc., and will be brigher and have higher definition displays, the likes of which have never graced the front of iPhones leading up to now. (All the better to selfie with, amirite?) Further, Bloomberg wrote that Apple needs a new feature such as better and brighter screens to boost their lagging sales. Last month, Bloomberg reported that Apple's hot streak of improved sales across 51 quarters ended in March when the company finally saw a decrease in sales.

But the recent drop in sales could be a plus for consumers: Apple may be considering making the new iPhone less expensive (!) when it is released in 2017. In an interview with NDTV in India, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that iPhones are especially expensive in India (where additional fees and duties are imposed that are not applied in the United States).

Cook also said that while the company does not want to compromise quality, "We want to do things that lower that [the cost of the iPhone] over time to the degree that we can." It's unclear if Cook's comments were in reference specifically to iPhones that are sold in India or the product overall.

With Apple's sales waning and a new iPhone with a brand new screen on the horizon, lower prices might be the best way to make everyone happy.

Apple and Applied Materials Inc. did not immediately reply to Complex's requests for comment.

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