Bernie Sanders Called Trump a 'Pathological Liar' During Campaign Event

Sanders called Trump a 'pathological liar' during his first solo campaign event for Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders
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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders may be out of the presidential race, but he's certainly not keeping quiet about the election. The Senator from Vermont had some choice words to describe (or rather, deride) Donald Trump at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Monday, during which he called the GOP nominee a "pathological liar." Sanders could have been much harsher, but hey, he got the point across. 

Sanders also said that "The essence of his [Trump's] campaign is bigotry," according to ABC News. Sanders further stated,

It is trying to divide this country up. It is telling us that we are supposed to hate Muslims, we are supposed to hate Mexicans, if we are men we are supposed to hate women, we are supposed to hate anyone who is different than we are.

As has been his approach since conceding the nomination and endorsing Hillary Clinton over the summer, Sanders' campaigning for Clinton has really been less about supporting Clinton's policies, and more about asserting a firm anti-Trump stance. 

"No candidate is perfect," Sanders said. "We have to ask ourselves a very simple question: What are the issues and what are the positions of the candidates on those issues?" Sanders also stated, "I intend as a United States Senator, between now and Election Day, to do everything I can to make sure Donald Trump does not become the next President of the United States."

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