Woman Caught Smuggling $10K Worth of Cocaine in Her Vagina at New York Airport

The package was reportedly a half-pound.

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Any Broad City fan has been taught the vagina is the best place for weed safekeeping. But really any drug would work. One ride or die grandmother used her vagina in an attempt to smuggle heroin into prison for her son as did this young woman, though less successfully since she needed surgery to remove the heroin. Authorities report a woman was caught trying to smuggle $10K worth of cocaine in her vagina. 

According to the New York Post the woman, Shekira Thompson, was busted at New York's John F. Kennedy airport. The NYP said Thompson—a U.S. citizen—arrived Sunday from Jamaica, where she’s from per the New York Daily News, and was taken by U.S. customs agents into a private room to search her. 

The New York Daily News reports Thompson, 24, underwent a routine screening at 1 p.m. She was allegedly only taken for a second screening after she was seen "sweating profusely" writes the NYP citing a law enforcement source. Agents discovered the brown duct-taped package of cocaine in her vagina during the search they said. Authorities said the package was a half-pound or approximately 255.5 grams of cocaine, as the New York Daily News reports. The amount is valued at $10K. 

Thompson lives in Queens, New York and has been booked for drug-trafficking.

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