Video Released of Houston Police Beating Homeless Man

Video of a Houston police officer beating a homeless man is released.

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Two Houston police officers were suspended after surveillance from a light rail station showed one of the officers beat a black homeless man while the other officer watched, reported the New York Daily News. Video of the violent incident has just been released.  

KTRK reported that METRO (Houston's transportation authority) released footage of the August incident on Monday. In the video, the Metro officers, Daniel Reynoso and Jairus Warren, who is black, approach the homeless man, Darrell Giles, at the Burnett Station. Giles has an exchange with Warren before Giles stands up from his seat, only to fall down on the seat once being hit with a baton by Warren. Giles, writhing with each baton strike, rolls from the seats to the ground, where Warren continues to hit him. Reynoso stops Warren, but later helps pin Giles down with his knee on his back. At one point Warren is seen pulling Giles' underpants down. The officers then arrested Giles and charged him with criminal trespass and resisting arrest. The New York Daily News reported the charges were dismissed and Giles was released from jail.

Chief Vera Bumpers announced in a press conference Monday that Officer Warren resigned. As for Reynoso, he has returned to service after being cleared—though he will be required to take additional training.

Picture of Officer J. Warren's resignation letter. He quit this morning.

"I thought he pulled a gun out," Giles told Eyewitness News. He later added, "I don't remember too much. All I remember is bracing myself and just taking the licks and I was holding my arm up."

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