Police Saved a Suicidal Man With Promise of Tacos

Police saved a suicidal man by offering to buy him tacos.

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Police in Mexico City were able to save a suicidal man by promising to buy him tacos, Azteca Noticiasreported. According to the World Health Organization an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

Azteca Noticias reported police found the man ready to jump off a bridge early Tuesday morning. SDP Noticias said the unnamed young man was reportedly suicidal because he was "lonely and depressed in Mexico City." He is reportedly from the state of Guerrero.

Police reportedly talked the man, who was drunk at the time, as SDP Noticias reports, off the ledge and invited him to go eat.

Footage of the unidentified man and police shown on Azteca Noticias shows the man talking to police in spanish and saying, "Yeah, I'm craving some [tacos]." When the man tells a police officer that he's worried that someone would say something to him the police officer laughs and assures him it's okay because they were treating him.

One of the paramedics at the scene who helped counsel the man (who he said was depressed), Martin Santiago Mondragon, told Azteca Noticias that they tried to convince him that "life is beautiful" and that he didn't have to end it in that way.

After the man ate the order of tacos police bought him he was reportedly taken to a mental health facility reports SDP Noticias.

Recent studies on depression have looked to hallucinogens such as ketamine and mushrooms to treat patients with severe depression showing different degrees of success.

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