Remember Myspace? A New Hack of the Site May Still Affect You and Millions

A new Myspace hack has stolen the password of 360 million accounts.

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Myspace announced a hacker has stolen username and password information from more 360 million accounts. The social network announced in a blog post that it found out about the hack before this past weekend. The hack reportedly stole Myspace users' login data including email addresses, Myspace usernames, passwords, and secondary passwords. The information was reportedly made available on an "online hacker forum."

According toLeakedSource, information was stolen from 360,213,024 accounts. However, those more likely to be affected by the hack are users with accounts created before June 2013. So, basically everyone.

"Email addresses, Myspace usernames, and Myspace passwords for the affected Myspace accounts created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old Myspace platform are at risk," wrote Myspace in the blog post.

Myspace explained it doubled down on its security measures after June 2013: "The compromised data is related to the period before those measures were implemented. We are currently utilizing advanced protocols including double salted hashes (random data that is used as an additional input to a one-way function that "hashes" a password or passphrase) to store passwords. Myspace has taken additional security steps in light of the recent report."

Myspace thinks a hacker known as "Peace" is responsible for the hack, as well as being responsible for recent hacks against Tumblr and LinkedIn.

The main concern is that users may be affected in places beyond their likely inactive Myspace accounts. That's why Myspace is advising users who may have used the same username and or password information from their Myspace accounts elsewhere to change their account information.

Myspace is working with law enforcement to investigate the hack.

The social network, beside being a shrine to your teen days and your Myspace angle selfies, once housed accounts from "Princess" Kim Kardashian and "tighty-whitey" wearing Tom Hardy.

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